Some stages of our building sites:  



PNG INNOVATOR is a selected group of people chosen for their skills, their honesty and a desire to accomplish a work done well.
We like the challenges! We build all kinds of buildings, even complicated. 
We take care from A to Z . Landscaping, foundations, construction,tiling, carpentry, roofing, plumbing, electricity, welding,  painting, etc.
Our work is guaranteed. 




We have all the necessary equipment for construction:
Transport vehicles, mini digger Bobcat 2.5t, mini loader Bobcat 3t, compactor, cement vibrator, cement mixers, laser leveler, scaffolding, etc..
which enables us to be autonomous, to control each stage and never  waiting for anyone.


mini pelle et chargeur



We are very reactive in the southern zone of Costa Rica included: Pavones, Zancoudo, Conte, Ciudad Neily, Rio Claro, Paso Canoas and surroundings.
According to the requirements of our customers, we may use many different techniques and materials. If they are not already available in Costa Rica we can import them. Our customer satisfaction is important to us.


Some examples of products that we know well


photo construction

Flexible water pipe.PER. PEX

Flexible pipe video


Ceiling & Drywall

Plasterboard file

plancher hourdi

Polystyrene floors

 Flooring Video

brique verre

Glass block wall

 Glass wall video

mur ciré

polished wall

 Wax method video

beton ciré

Polished concrete

 Polished concrete floor

photo construction



polished concrete